You can find a collection of common questions and issues we have received by our users. This is constantly being updated and evolving.

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[symple_accordion_section title=”1 Second Everyday App Questions”]
[symple_toggle title=”Does 1SE save my 1 second snippets?”]Yes – 1SE saves your snippets within the app’s data on your iPhone.  [/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Does that mean I can delete original videos once they’ve been snipped?”]Well – yeah – you can… but we recommend keeping a backup somewhere just in case.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Does 1SE back up my data? What if I get a new phone or it falls in the toilet? Do I have to start over?”]Since 1SE stores your snippets with the app data, as long as you’re backing up the app, your snippets are safe. You can back apps up using iTunes or iCloud. We are thinking about other ways of doing this in the future though.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”I’d like to select a two second clip, is this possible?”]Not yet… but we’re dreaming up ways to make this intuitively possible in a future update![/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I add music?”]We don’t currently have any plans to add music support to 1SE, but you may be able to find some creative solutions in the App Store to allow this.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”My videos shot in portrait mode don’t look that great, can you do anything about this?”]We’re looking into ways to account for vertical video syndrome… in the meantime, shoot your videos in [symple_highlight color=”yellow”]landscape![/symple_highlight]

[symple_toggle title=”Someone sent a video to my phone, but it shows up on the day it was sent to me, not the day it was taken… can I change the date?”]At the moment, no. But we’re looking into creative solutions to account for this situation.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”How do the Reminders work?”]The reminders will send you a message at a random time in the range you’ve selected… don’t forget to take your daily video![/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Why do some videos show up on two days?”]To accommodate for those night owls out there, we allow you to use a video shot between Midnight – 6am on multiple days – the day it was actually shot, and the day before (for those “extended” nights).[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Can I access my entire Camera Roll?”]To stay consistent with the app’s intention of making a 1SE video, you may only choose from photos that were taken on the same day that you’re editing.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What are each of the buttons?”]From Left to Right on the Toolbar: Camera, Merge, Reels, Timelines, Settings[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”What is a Timeline? Why would I want more than one?”]A timeline is a collection of snippets… you might want a separate 1SE for your child, pet, or something else we haven’t thought of![/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Help! I’m getting a Media Access Denied Error in 1SE – IOS 6″]To get rid of this error message, please go to your iPhone’s Settings > Privacy > Photos. There, you’ll find 1SE – please set access to ON. That should do it – but let us know if you have other questions or issues.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Shouldn’t it be every day not everyday?”]This was a deliberate choice we knew we’d end up explaining often. Everyday means “routine”, “ordinary”, “commonplace”… while every day means “daily”… and we intentionally want it to mean both. This is a lifelong project after all. At least for us.[/symple_toggle]


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